'En-trep-re-neu-ri-al Spi-rit' (noun)

leaping off a cliff and building an aeroplane on the way down


Step 1

That’s us,
but that’s also you.

You're a risk taker. A game changer.
You already know that engaging with your clients is EVERYTHING...

But your nemesis is always lurking, threatening to take your clients away - working relentlessly to keep you from gaining new clients.

Your nemesis goes by ONE name:


More than ever before you have to talk with, not to, your clients.

You have to communicate across multiple media platforms and work hard to keep your audience’s attention.

You have to innovate to gain new clientele.

Communicate efficiently and you connect with your audience.

That’s when strangers become clients.

Communication is an ever-changing art. An art we keep mastering.

This power can be yours too.

Welcome to Reload.
We're a full-service advertising and digital agency.

We don't open doors - we create them.
Doors that lead directly to clients.

Let's talk.

Our Passion

We are different because we do many things and we do them all exceptionally. Because we are multi-skilled, hard-working and excellent listeners, we are irreplaceable. That’s why our clients stay. We work ceaselessly to help them grow. When they grow, we grow.

This is our motivation – it’s what makes our hearts beat faster.

Our House Managed by 3 Passionate Entrepreneurs
Founded 2009
Bonita Scaife Communications Maharishi

Copywriting, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Traffic Management

Analytics, Social Media Networks, Social Media Management Software

At the age of 11 Bonita found her entrepreneurial spirit by buying sweets in bulk and selling them off in smaller quantities to domestic workers, crowning herself “Queen of the Smile”.

Nic Dancer Design Extraordinaire

Graphic Design for web, print, packaging, and exhibitions

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

During his teens Nic was the favorite tour guide at the infamous “Nunu Farm” Insectarium. Visitors thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiastic talks, ability to answer complex questions and fearlessness on the foofie slide.

Kurt Ferreira Digital Guru

Web Development, App Development, Motion Graphics, Filmography

Programming: JS, PHP, ObjC, Java
Design & Visual: Photoshop, Blender, Final Cut, Nuke

At the tender age of six, Kurt made his fortune through the sales of his Garfield sketches to his fellow classmates - all at the staggering cost of 50 cents a pop.


Perfectionists At Heart

As deadline-driven perfectionists, we never offer a service that we cannot execute both brilliantly and efficiently. Our reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. We wake up with determination and go to sleep with satisfaction. And then we do it all over again. Hence our name: Reload


The exhibition arena is an exciting, but competitive one that requires comprehensive knowledge of how shell schemes work, what graphics will engage and not overwhelm visitors and the printing and erection processes. From bespoke stand design to utilising your existing systems, Reload has the experience to assist with all of your time-sensitive preparations.


Retail Merchandising

Want to sell more products more often? We specialise in the design and production of various in-store retail solutions. Take our understanding of branding, channel marketing and shopper engagement and combine that with our relationship with an award winning manufacturer and you have multiple retail solutions that move your products.


Cross-platform Marketing Strategies

We understand the importance of leveraging both print and digital advertising across multiple marketing platforms and devices. By pursuing a cross-platform strategy we help our clients link their data intelligence to a 360-degree view of the consumer and focus marketing efforts on what’s really important: intelligently and profitably connecting with people.


Packaging Design

Packaging design is a beast of its a own – a beast we have learned to master. We understand the retail environment and technical packaging printing process, which differs from traditional print. This enables us to work with closely with packaging print suppliers and design packaging that is eye-catching, durable yet cost-effective.


Search Engine Optimisation

It’s a fact – websites don’t rank well organically on search engines without hard work. We work closely with our clients and leverage their knowledge of the company to improve their website’s position on search engines. Whilst terminology like “algorithms” and “meta keywords” can be overwhelming, Reload simplifies the process and guides the way with a clear SEO strategy.


Video Marketing & Motion Graphics

We love video. Combine it with a soundtrack and an emotive message and you can captivate an audience and evoke emotions within seconds. In addition, video is easily searchable and is shared quickly and frequently. Video levels the playing field on which brands, businesses and organizations can compete. At Reload we use our creative and technical skills to make video promotions both affordable and memorable without killing our clients’ marketing budgets. Give us a shout and be pleasantly surprised!

What are motion graphics? Think of an informative animated video or an infographic that comes to life. Motion graphics are a great way to showcase information on a product or service your company offers, it’s great for educational purposes or perhaps illustrating how a problem is solved. Motion graphics can be combined with live footage video for a richer media experience. Have a look at our services showreel for an example of motion graphics. Its not as expensive as you would think, so drop our studio a line for an estimated cost.


Social Media Management

Social media management isn’t just about posting content to a business’s social media channels. It is a complex, multi-faceted, ever-changing role that operates to help a business achieve its highest-level goals. At Reload our social media management team has graphic design skills, an aptitude for engaging writing, a customer-service and goals-driven mindset, a solid understanding of SEO and content marketing and a deep understanding of the advertising and reporting functions to effectively measure ROI. Why not set up a meeting with Reload to discuss the best strategy for your company?


Business Systems

Cloud computing has proven a boon to businesses. With cloud services, businesses reap the benefits of not having to deploy a major physical infrastructure, plus, the “anywhere, anytime” availability of these solutions means hassle-free collaboration among business stakeholders and employees using the humble internet browser. Cloud services also provide access to sophisticated technology without the need of a full-time IT consultant or tech worker on your payroll. Give us a shout and see how we can simplify your operations.



There’s no denying the world has gone mobile-mad and more and more people turn to the convenience of Apps. Applications offer a level of flexibility that websites aren’t always capable of delivering, be it the latest hardware accelerated graphics or offline database synchronisation. Chat to our team to see how we can make life even easier for you and your clients, whilst giving you the edge over your competitors.



We have a simple mantra: one site, any device. We build websites with a single CMS that delivers your content on PC’s, tablets and mobile phones from a single and easy-to-manage system, freeing you up to focus on your business. Our websites are upgradeable and flexible, allowing them to grow as our clients grow.
Don’t want to manage your own content? No problem! We offer adaptable maintenance plans to suit your ever-changing needs.


Traditional Print

As both graphic designers and print procurement specialists, we are able to deliver end-products that impress. We can design anything and everything print-related (think annual reports, magazines, stationery, billboards, signage, banners – the list can go on infinitely). In addition we provide expert advice on which print methods are the most visually appealing, cost effective and appropriate for the particular medium.



A client’s corporate identity is the outward expression of their organisation and it is therefore our duty to create brands with purpose. We create corporate identities for local and international companies that are meaningful, stand out, age well and apply effectively across a wide spectrum of media.


Our Work

Bonita Scaife Content Generation

Nic Dancer Print, Design, Packaging

Kurt Ferreira Digital, Film

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